Homefront Roundup #1

I am a military spouse and part of the Homefront Team on Etsy - a group dedicated to those connected to the military and Etsy Artisans.

A new feature on our team blog is a Community Monday Meet Up.  A fun way of getting to know the person behind the art.

Today's Questions:

1 -     Are you a night owl or early bird?
2 -  Share one thing on your bucket list.
3 -  What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

I am a night owl all the way.  Think I have always been one.  I loathe mornings and especially getting up early.  I left the corporate world in 2005, and have been a stay at home wife/mom since.  Each time I think of going back to work, I remember those 5am mornings and how much I hated it.  I am not looking forward to the school years with my children just due to those early mornings.  I even made my daughter into a night owl since I could not function with her waking up at 6-7am, especially when she no longer napped.  

One thing on my bucket list....  visit Scotland.   I wouldn't mind living there for a little while.  I miss living overseas, and hope that we will be making our way back over there somewhere in the next 5 years.  Secretly, I am hoping my husband opts to apply for the Marine Security Guard program as a Det. Cmdr. this summer so we can spend the last 2 active duty years in the Marines overseas. 

Favorite thing about myself....  That is a hard one.  I guess my inner strength.  At least most times.  At 17, I moved 4 hours away from the only home I ever knew to attend college.  When I had to leave school 2 years later for financial reasons, I took a full time job and got my first own apartment.  I was very successful in that job and 3 years later I obtained a job that is very difficult to even get an interview let alone hired.  I toured foreign countries on my own without any fear.  I faced difficult surgeries with minimal fear and hesitation.  And I dealt with my latest pregnancy without my husband around, I delivered our son, dealt with his 8 day nicu stay, his feeding/weight issues on my own with little breakdowns or complaining.  Though the days of not complaining are coming to an end.  6 months without my husband has worn my patience thin, and we still have 8 months left on this tour....

You can learn more about the wonderful members of the Homefront Team here:


A lot has been changing behind the scenes here at Jrzy Girl Photography.

Our website has changed.  Due to a domain host complication, we lost our jrzygirlphotography domain name.  You can find our portrait website at  JerzyGirlPhotography

The biggest change is the addition to our family.  A few days before Christmas, our son arrived.  He was 6 pounds 5 ounces and spent 8 long days in the NICU.  He is now 5 weeks old and doing good.

Adjusting to this new life with 2 kids and a deployed husband has been a challenge.  But we are half way through this deployment and will settle into a new routine soon.

Introducing Mister Reily