Last Weekend in DC

This marks the end of my last weekend in DC till who knows when I may return.  It's a sad ending to a great year.  I owe so much to this wonderful city, a city that has always been good to me.  A city that has over and over again allowed me to find my soul and self again.  Thank you DC, you are amazing.  I will be searching for a way to return.  So here is some photos to mark the end of my last weekend in this great place.

Today, we ventured to the National Zoo for the final time.  My daughter LOVES the zoo and aquariums.  It's so fun watching her try to talk to the animals and she does it very loudly to ensure they can hear her.

The Apes were outside today, allowing me to get a lot of great shots of them.  One of the females recently had a baby, a girl, and they were out there as well.  Those photos are still waiting to be reviewed/edited.  The baby is months old now, but still just as adorable and tiny as the first time we got to see her.

Ever since we really started getting ready to move, I have become super anxious sitting in the house.  I just can't take it for very long.  Even though we spent hours today at the zoo, I still was antsy in the house.  I took the dogs for a walk, a usual thing for my husband to do instead. 

The sky was just too perfect to not venture back out with the camera.  Course, first I had to take the little one to the playground.  But I snuck a few shots in while there.  Afterwards, I went to the waterfront and got some more.

The editing of these was just as fun as taking them.  I live along the Potomac River across from Ronald Reagan Airport.  The above picture is the view of the tarmac. 

Breaking Out

I am so inspired by other photographers and their ability to capture the non-typical images.  Things people bypass or really don't think twice about, but the eye of a photographer ponders, sees, and must capture.  That is what inspires me.  
Ever since being faced with the possibility of real sickness, the death of my unborn child (at the time - as you may have read and seen in previous blogs she is a-okay), and even my own premature demise over something that could have been prevented, I see the world around me completely different.  I find myself just starring at nature, a building, a window in a building and just admiring the hidden and obvious beauty.  Now I am looking for those unique images that are beyond what I may typically capture.  Expanding my skills and learning with each new photo I take.
Tonight, my husband and I went to a movie - The Ugly Truth (so funny!).  When we left there was a big lightening and thunderstorm happening.  I thought it would be perfect to whip out that camera - yes I brought my camera to the movies just in case I would need it - and started taking some photos from the car.  Just to see what I would capture.  And here are a few that I find interesting in one way or another.  And kuddos for reading all this!

A Glimpse Into Past Travels

In my current class, I read an article about travel photography and have been discussing the world of travel photography with a few other students.  So, here is a glimpse of my past worldly travels.  Before marriage, before having a kid, and living completely by the seat of my pants.  I miss those days sometimes.  But I know so many more amazing adventures and traveling are still ahead.

My first overseas experience was Amman, Jordan.  I love this city.  It's where I met my husband (he was stationed there with the Marine Corps), and it's how my daughter got her name.  This city will always hold a magical place in my heart and soul.

I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.  I am just adding it for the sheer factor of how amazing the object is.  We stumbled upon this one evening while in Prague on vacation. I took this with a poor camera through a windowed door at night.  That sculpture is made out of books!

This is from Tunis of the Mediterranean Sea.  It was an interesting place.

Today's Photo Shoot

After having a fairly successful yard sale in the morning, we headed to the local camera shop for my newest toy.  Partly paid for by yard sale profits.  Today's purchase - a compact macro 50mm lens!  I have been itching for a macro lens since I got my dslr, okay so that was just a couple of months ago but still.  This is my first experience with this type of lens and photography.  Here are my practice, playing around pics from today.

Meet FairyMary.  I picked her up at a rest stop in New Mexico on our drive cross country last May.  We were moving from California to here in Washington DC.  Now we will be making this trip again, but luckily a different route to see some new things!  I love this fairy so much I had to do make a black/white image and a color one.

This is my daughter's foot.  She saw me pick up the dog's foot for a photo, and made me do the same with her.  Her little feet are just too cute!

I went for a little stroll looking for itty bitty things to photograph with my daughter.  This was her first experience feeling and touching a shell.  It was cool for only a few minutes, then she graciously disposed of it in the trash can.

Today's Photo Shoot

Beware there are many photos in this blog!  I had a field day behind the lens today.  Yesterday, I had a huge improvement with my product photography, something I struggle with greatly.  This new improvement has really inspired me.  Today, I was trying to get some photos of my daughter modeling some baby blankets - no easy task with a hyper active 21 month old.  Between the natural sun and her canny ability of creating some amazing photos, I was in love all over again. 
I didn't get too many workable photos for my product.  However, I will take the trade off since now I have even more amazing photos for her albums.

After having the inspiration of our little product shoot, I thought a trip to one of the beautiful parks here in DC would hail some more great results.

I just had to share these, hope you enjoy them.

Off Duty Lifeguard Collection

Here is my first attempt at capturing a sunset on the beach.  Granted its not a true sunset in my opinion, since this was taken on the East Coast.  But I'm not sure I could ever get up early enough to catch a sunrise.

Here is Off Duty Lifeguard from my viewfinder, enjoy

Just a little Vignette and a little pop

Antique Off Duty Lifeguard

A 60s style Off Duty Lifeguard

Taken at Avon, New Jersey.

Giveaway Closed

Thank you to those few that entered the giveaway!  A winner has been chosen and contacted directly.

Keep your eyes open for the next giveaway!