Breaking Out

I am so inspired by other photographers and their ability to capture the non-typical images.  Things people bypass or really don't think twice about, but the eye of a photographer ponders, sees, and must capture.  That is what inspires me.  
Ever since being faced with the possibility of real sickness, the death of my unborn child (at the time - as you may have read and seen in previous blogs she is a-okay), and even my own premature demise over something that could have been prevented, I see the world around me completely different.  I find myself just starring at nature, a building, a window in a building and just admiring the hidden and obvious beauty.  Now I am looking for those unique images that are beyond what I may typically capture.  Expanding my skills and learning with each new photo I take.
Tonight, my husband and I went to a movie - The Ugly Truth (so funny!).  When we left there was a big lightening and thunderstorm happening.  I thought it would be perfect to whip out that camera - yes I brought my camera to the movies just in case I would need it - and started taking some photos from the car.  Just to see what I would capture.  And here are a few that I find interesting in one way or another.  And kuddos for reading all this!


Tali Schiffer-Oren said...

Well good for you for always looking! (BTW, I too take my little digi-cam with me everywhere for just in case- but not my big one...)
That last image is cool :)

nikid said...

Cool photos!

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