A Glimpse Into Past Travels

In my current class, I read an article about travel photography and have been discussing the world of travel photography with a few other students.  So, here is a glimpse of my past worldly travels.  Before marriage, before having a kid, and living completely by the seat of my pants.  I miss those days sometimes.  But I know so many more amazing adventures and traveling are still ahead.

My first overseas experience was Amman, Jordan.  I love this city.  It's where I met my husband (he was stationed there with the Marine Corps), and it's how my daughter got her name.  This city will always hold a magical place in my heart and soul.

I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.  I am just adding it for the sheer factor of how amazing the object is.  We stumbled upon this one evening while in Prague on vacation. I took this with a poor camera through a windowed door at night.  That sculpture is made out of books!

This is from Tunis of the Mediterranean Sea.  It was an interesting place.


laura evans/photography said...

i love seeing where other people visit, but then i love travelling too. Good to know more about you chica.

Sue said...

Wow. Amazing places. Thanks for sharing your travels with us!

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