Last Weekend in DC

This marks the end of my last weekend in DC till who knows when I may return.  It's a sad ending to a great year.  I owe so much to this wonderful city, a city that has always been good to me.  A city that has over and over again allowed me to find my soul and self again.  Thank you DC, you are amazing.  I will be searching for a way to return.  So here is some photos to mark the end of my last weekend in this great place.

Today, we ventured to the National Zoo for the final time.  My daughter LOVES the zoo and aquariums.  It's so fun watching her try to talk to the animals and she does it very loudly to ensure they can hear her.

The Apes were outside today, allowing me to get a lot of great shots of them.  One of the females recently had a baby, a girl, and they were out there as well.  Those photos are still waiting to be reviewed/edited.  The baby is months old now, but still just as adorable and tiny as the first time we got to see her.

Ever since we really started getting ready to move, I have become super anxious sitting in the house.  I just can't take it for very long.  Even though we spent hours today at the zoo, I still was antsy in the house.  I took the dogs for a walk, a usual thing for my husband to do instead. 

The sky was just too perfect to not venture back out with the camera.  Course, first I had to take the little one to the playground.  But I snuck a few shots in while there.  Afterwards, I went to the waterfront and got some more.

The editing of these was just as fun as taking them.  I live along the Potomac River across from Ronald Reagan Airport.  The above picture is the view of the tarmac. 


Beth said...

Wow! Great shots! I especially like the monkeys, you should definitely list those.

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