I came back to the East Coast for a little mini-break from California so my daughter could see her grandparents.  I got the opportunity to take some candid portraits of my nephew and niece this past weekend.  They were troopers for it all, and I got just over 200 pictures!  I tend to go click happy sometimes, but it was so worth it.  I have so many great shots of them.

I love the above photo.  I wanted to capture him looking up at the camera while sitting from above him.  And this was the pose he gave me, and it was just such a fun shot to capture.  I enjoyed getting this one the most.

In this next above photo, he thought he needed to be super close to the lens in order for me to take a photo.  He kept telling me to wait for him to get closer before I took his picture.  Course I was clicking away as he inched closer little by little.

In the above photo, it is my daughter and niece.  Due to the lens and settings I was using, my niece is not entirely in focus, but I still love how this photo came out.  She almost has this angelic glow that is so fitting for her.  But below is a better photo of the two of them.  My brother had made some cole slaw from a different recipe and these girls just loved it.  My poor niece was waiting so patiently for my daughter to share some, just sitting there with her mouth open.  So I snapped away while someone was running inside for a cup just for my niece.  They went through 3 cups in just a few minutes and that was my daughters second round of 3 cups.  Too funny.

And some more of my niece looking just adorable and doll like.