Homesick for DC

I spent so many years living in or near Washington DC that I feel its my home.  Yes, I am a Jersey Girl and always will be.  But DC is where I'm at peace.  I've probably said this a few times on here.  Sorry for any repeats!

I have been going through some old photos this past month and had these new edits sitting in my software, just unsure what to do with them.  I figured why not share them with you all.  These were all shot in Washington DC in 2009.  How I miss it there.... Course I was glad I avoided the harsh winter conditions DC has been having the past few weeks.

The next few are different effects of similar shots of the Korean War Memorial.

One shot of the Lincoln Monument:

One shot of the Vietnam Memorial:


Team Homefront said...

I love DC too...not sure I would want to live there...but we visit it everytime we go home to Virginia :)
Beautiful Shots...

BlueRoomGems said...

I grew up outside DC as well and miss it a lot sometimes. I really love the one of the Korean monument with that golden yellow effect. Gorgeous!

readingsully2 said...

They look great. :)

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