A Step Back in Time

I have been confused all day.  When my husband has a work day off, I get all messed up.  It has felt like a Saturday all day, but alas it is Friday.  I will be super confused come Tuesday, since he has Monday off as well.  After running some errands, we stopped at the mall to have lunch.  We have been really wanting to check out this unique place, but it has always been so busy!

It is called Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour & Restaurant.  There are two locations here in California and according to their site there are two in Hawaii.  We went to the Mission Viejo location, and from what I saw on their site, it is the only one that looks old fashioned and stays somewhat true to that old fashioned, hip ice cream parlours of the past.  I have a love for places like this.

Food was pretty good, but while we were waiting in line to be seated, I just had to snap some photos.  I am so glad I brought the new camera with me.  It was worth toting that heavy thing in my bag all day! I just love these lollipops!!  Here are my many versions of the shots I got.


MonsterBug Blankets said...

I LOVE the lollipops! :) You did great!

nikid said...

Cool shots!!! Sounds like a fun place!

PhotoGrunt said...

Farrell's huh? I thought they were long gone. They were quite the big deal up here in the Seattle area back in the 60's, then they kinda went down hill before they just went away. I guess these things run through a cycle. I wonder if HoJo's will ever come back? One can hope!

Cool images JrzyGirl!

readingsully2 said...

What fun.

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