Whirlwind of Changes, Again

After much debate and discussion, I am moving.  Since my husband is deploying in August or September for 12-14 months, I am moving my daughter and self to my folks house across the country.  Therefore, Jrzy Girl Photography will actually be located in New Jersey for awhile.

Between having a soon to be 3 year old that is highly attached and never really been apart from her daddy for more then a month, being pregnant, and having 2 large dogs, it was best we relocate where we can get the assistance we may and will need.

This move allows me to continue in my photography classes, and keep my businesses open.  And gives my daughter a lot of people to be around on a regular basis so the separation from her daddy is not so drastic.  It will be a long and trying year, but one full of fun and adventure.  Especially these last months of the year. We will be departing for NJ in late July, where we will be throwing a send off party for my husband right away. August brings my niece's 3rd birthday.  September brings a new baby (not mine!) to the family and my daughter's 3rd birthday party.  October is my daughter's actual birthday month, my cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday, and Halloween.  November brings my nephew's 5th birthday and Thanksgiving.  December brings my 5th wedding anniversary (first one spending it apart), the arrival of my baby, 3 birthday's, and Christmas.  I think in January we get a time to rest, though January or February brings my husband home for 2 weeks.

My grandmother has 6 grandchildren with birthday's spread out throughout the year. By the end of 2010, she will have 6 great-grandchildren with birthday's on top of each other.  If all goes planned, we will have one in August, one in September, 2 in October, 1 in November, and 1 in December.  In late July, we are hoping to find the gender of our baby.  The grandkids go: Boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy.  The great-grandkids go: boy, girl, girl, girl, boy, and unknown.  If we keep the pattern, I should be having another girl.  Though everyone but myself thinks it will be a boy.  We shall see!


readingsully2 said...

Best wishes to you and your family with your new move. I am sure being near your family will be a great comfort to you. I am a military brat. God Bless your husband for his service to his country. and Congrats on the new baby coming. :)

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