Word of the Day #1

I have been reading my Photo History book for my current class, and it has required the dictionary a few times.  And the newest word I looked up gave me inspiration for this blog.

Word:  bravura

Meaning: brilliant and showy technical skill

In honor of this cool word and its meaning, here is my bravura for today:

Oceanside Days of Art

Back in April, I did my first craft/art show.  This was at the Oceanside Days of Art in Oceanside, CA.  It is a fine art show.  And I am finally getting pictures up of my booth.

It did not go very well, and I think that was due to a lot of factors.  One was my location, since I was a first time exhibitor, I was put in the far back - pretty much the last spot - so the traffic was minimal.  Most people stopped and turned around at the corner before ever coming down to my area.  Another was the type of show and location.  The front end of the show (where all the traffic was) was mainly very high end, expensive art - $6000 - $20,000 for a piece of art.  Once a lot of the people saw those prices, they were not encouraged to keep moving along and see the other booths.

Initial Set Up:

And another factor was probably my booth set up.  It was not the greatest, yet not the worst.  I did an okay job for my first attempt.  I had a lot of wind issues that messed up parts of my display, and I learned a lot from this.

Final Set Up:

I have applied for another show, here in New Jersey, and should be finding out soon if I got in or not.  It is for September 4th, and I am already trying to plot an improvement in my display.  This show is a craft show and I will be combining my photography with my fabric eye masks.  I don't have all of my supplies here at my parents house, but a family friend has a tent I can borrow, my folks have the tables and chairs, and my husband is sending me a few of my supplies that fit into a flat rate box.  I have a lot of prep to get done, but am really looking forward to this show (hopefully I get in!).

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