Throw Back Photos from 2009

Probably not technically throw back photos, since they are just from last year, but I like to call them that.  I have been slowly moving my photos from iphoto (my internal hard drive) to my external hard drive (and new editing software).  I still have about 2300 photos to move and almost 3700 sitting in my editing software waiting for me to re-look at them.

I love taking a fresh look at old photographs.  Most of these are of my daughter.  I have a lot of photos of her.  Some I thought were no good at all, I have been able to tweek into something special.  Like the photo above. My little girl at just a little over a year old already had a shoe fetish - which a year later has not gone away!  Those are my niece's shoes she is parading around in in that photo. I have to keep a close eye on her at indoor play sets that require shoes be taken off - most of the time she ignores the huge play set and heads over to all the shoes, guess she thinks they were left there just for her.  We are in for it when she becomes a teenager.... because she also has a purse fetish.

The above shot was taken in Washington DC.  We were on our way home from a parade, but she just had to stop in this field to pick the flowers. I hope this passion to stop and smell the flowers never diminishes within her.

The above shot was taken during that parade we were leaving.  I have several versions of this photo, which does not seem to be a big hit with people.  However, its one I love.  And this version I think I love the most.


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Cute pictures!

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