Merry Go Rounds

When I was little, my father ran an indoor amusement park.  It was just for a few years, the final few years the place was still open.  Some of you may have heard of the place - the Palace Amusement Park in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  I was eight years old and have free reign of the entire place.  A kid's dream come true, especially for a little girl - who not only got to spend the day at an amusement park but also with her dad.  It was the best part of my childhood, and has filled me with ever lasting memories. 

One of my best memories was of their merry go round.  They even later installed a tiny version for toddlers, it was the cutest thing ever.  There was this amazing woman that I spent so much time with, and her job was maintaining the merry go round. She painted all the horses and the other pieces.  Her work was just beautiful.

In honor of this past love, life, experience, and memories; I am starting a new photography series:  Merry Go Rounds.  Featuring photos of every merry go round that I come across while I have my camera with me.  And I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities considering my daughter is 2yrs old and in love with them.  

I hope these photographs bring back fond memories and a passion for having fun.

If I won the lottery and won big, I would hunt down as many pieces of that place as I could (it was all sold off piece by piece) and restore it back to its glory at a new location.

If you would like to read more about this magical place that once was, here is the website:


Team Homefront said...

Really a lovely piece....and your photos are wonderful! Great Memories

laura evans/photography said...

love the second from the top ... fun stuff chica!

DJ said...

Beautiful photos. What a great way to grow up, having an amusement park in your family ;)

nikid said...

AWESOME!! I think Merry-Go-Rounds are wonderful and cannot wait to see what you find! Enjoy!

MonsterBug Blankets said...

wow, Kristin, what sweet memories! And wonderful for you to do a series based on those memories.....I love it!

There was an old, old park in Germany I went to with some friends, and in it was one of the old, old wooden merry go rounds. They had to fence it in, though, cause people stole animals (they recovered them), which was sad. It still worked. But everything was hand carved and hand painted--so beautiful! This post made me think of that park!

MagMoment said...

Cool photos... I like the close up feeling and zebra especially. Nice to have sweet memories. Good idea! Mag

JrzyGirlPhotography said...

Thank you everyone for the amazing comments, it really made my morning waking up to find them.

And it tickles me pink that I brought out some good memories for you :)

Beth said...

What a unique and wonderful experience. Are there any photos from that time? I love the new series too. Great post.

JrzyGirlPhotography said...

Beth, none that I took. I will have to get the photos of me in there from my mom, I know there are a few. I went to take photos of the building last year, to find that it was torn down in 2004 while I was overseas. I just about cried.

The website has some photos:

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