Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  2009 was a fairly eventful year, and a fairly good one for my family and I.  Though I am looking forward to 2010, I am also dreading it.  The military will be making me a single parent the later part of the year by deploying my husband.  Hence, the not looking forward to the upcoming year.

Professionally, I have loads of plans.  I just launched my own website and am now offering portrait photography to my local area - and where ever I may travel to.  This is a huge move for me, and hope it becomes a great one.

Personally,  I am really looking forward to watching the big changes that my daughter is sure to have.  Going from a hyper-active two year old into a three year old by the end of the year.  Playgrounds are something we introduced her to in 2009, and boy has she conquered them.  No fear this one.

I know every kid loves playgrounds, but it tickles me pink that she seems to love them as much as I do.  I just wish I was still flexible and fit enough to really play on them still.  Even in college, my good friend and I would ditch class to hit up the playground.  Kid at heart.  Keeps you young.


laura evans/photography said...

may all your hopes, dreams & wishes come true in 2010 & you continue to love, laugh & believe! happy new year from germany pretty lady & good luck with your portraits, deployment (i could be right there with you) & everything that goes with. Happy new year from Germany!

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