Tribute to the Sky

I always wonder if people take the time to admire the beauty of the sky.  Sometimes it is so amazing, I just have to stop and admire it --- or even more so take some photos of it.  So, this is my tribute to the breathtaking sky and its pure amazing beauty.

Though some of my sky photos are edited to look more powerful, the same appreciation is still there.

Taking shots of the moon is one of my newest favorite things.  It is such a challenge to do, between the dark night, the distance, the fact I only have a monopod and not a tripod at this time, and getting the camera settings just right before it all changes on me.  I think I am getting the hang of it some what.


nikid said...

Awesome pictures lady! said...

I love the moon...but I cannot get good shots...of course I don't work or practice at it...:) Your shots are beautiful!

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