One Photo Many Looks

original photo
I'm just about to finish my Digital Image Management class.  This class was stressful at first and highly enjoyable by the end.  I am not a big fan of Photoshop at all.  I'm very much a simplistic person, and like my computer programs to run the same way.  So, when Lightroom 2 was sent in my software package I got at enrollment for my program, I was totally in love.  It is the best software program for photo editing I have ever attempted to use.

antique preset - downloaded from internet

This class was all about using this software.  I had the basics down.  Even downloaded additional presets off the internet to give me further editing options.  Now, at the conclusion of this course - I can make my own presets and can further expand my editing abilities.

cold process - preset I created for class

I can't seem to stop playing around with all these new adjustments that I was so afraid to try before.  This collection of photos is a showcase of that love.  I took 1 photo -- something I took recently during the drive back from getting dog food and walking around the mall.  It was raining and dark, my two favorite combinations when I am taking photos from the car.

glow preset - downloaded from internet

red blue pop - preset I created for class


nikid said...

That shot and how you manipulated it is really cool!

readingsully2 said...

Neat. :)

MagMoment said...

Pretty Colors. Love it!

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