Capturing Angelicness

I started my photography venture shooting landscapes and the like, mixed in with my daughter and family. As my daughter grew and the more practice I got shooting her, the more I fell in love with portrait photography and less in love with landscapes.  I have found my true passion, photographing toddlers, kids, babies.  There is nothing like being able to capture these amazing special moments and having their entire soul, being, and carefreeness come through in an image.

One of my newly favorite subjects is my niece, Gianna.  There is something in her eyes that projects this angelicness  (yes, I tend to create my own words), even when she is in a rotten mood or being the typical 3 year old going through a transition, those eyes speak a million words.  I hope you see that in some of my recent favorites.

I have only been photographing for just over 2 years now, and only have 1 year of schooling under my belt (school is on hold while I adjust to having a second child and deal with my husband being deployed).  
My technical abilities may not be perfect, many professional photographers may find my images completely wrong and not view them as portraits.  But I pride myself on being different.  I am not a studio photographer that uses fake backdrops and numerous flashes.  I find that photography boring and stiff.  That's my preference.  I prefer natural light, natural backgrounds, and natural poses if any posing at all.
My style may be preferred and enjoyed by many, and not so much by others.  I consider myself more of a candid photojournalistic portrait photographer.  I may attempt to pose the subjects, but allow them the freedom to do their own, natural thing.  This allows me to capture their true self instead of a fake, stiff, posed self.  Comfort is my life -- if you ask my husband its a little too much a part of my life (I rarely get out of my lounge pants and tank tops).  This belief allows me to be stress free and enjoy a shoot, especially when children are involved.  Allowing them to be them gives you so much more.

this image is an example of what I mean.  It is not the typical portrait picture, but its one of my favorites from the day. She is having a blast and enjoying the freedom of being a kid.  Can't get better then that.

this above image was a natural pose she did on her own, all we did was asked her to sit on the pumpkin. I think she thought we were a little crazy and was so tired of sitting there but was a total trooper.

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Your work is beautiful....!!!!

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Thank you Robin!

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