Family Portrait Mini-Session Giveaway

Its been some time.  Life is insane.  I have dropped school and have settled into my parents house for the duration of my husband's deployment.  I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, but have been dealing with complications the past few weeks which has made getting photos nearly impossible.

On occasion I run giveaways on my facebook fan page, so if you are not a fan yet - you should be!   I recently gave away a free mini-session for a family portrait session.  The winner had an amazing family.  We toughed out the chilly weather, and ventured out to a local field for some great fall colors.

Here are some images from that day. This family was so much fun! The kids are so goofy and relaxed, I could have shot them for hours.  I hope I get invited back into their world again.  It was a true treat.

I loved how these photos came out, and I love that I learned new things while I took these.

The one below is one of my favorites.  The colors are amazing, exactly what I wanted and was hoping for.

These two are just too adorable together.  That love for one another really shows.


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