The World As I See It Day 1

I was inspired/motivated by a friend for this blog project.  I am vowing this year to crack my shell of sticking in my comfort zone and let me finally be myself again.  She has been hiding out in lazy land.

Day 1 - -  A Picture of Myself and 15 Facts

1 - I loathe getting in front of the camera, and it was really hard to find a picture of myself.  In fact, this photo is from 2004.  I constantly contemplate doing a self portrait project just to break past this.

2 - I will never be able to follow a food diet that tells me I can't have bread. Sourdough bread is a huge weakness for me.

3 - I have an obsession for Bath & Body Works Anti-bacterial foaming hand soap.  I stock up when I get down to 4 or less bottles in the house.

4 - I gave up a highly prestigious career and job with the federal government to be with my husband and have him continue his military career.  And I have never been happier.

5 - I have been gutted like a fish twice.  And my two beautiful kids are true miracles as they beat tremendous odds to even be conceived/born.  In those battles, I lost 1.25 of my ovaries and an appendix.

6 - 80s music. Teased to no end about how much I love 80s music, but each to their own.

7 - I met my husband in Jordan, we named our daughter in that honor.  We got engaged in West Africa, and married in New Jersey.  One child was born in California, the other in New Jersey.

8 - My favorite city in the States is Washington DC. My favorite place to date overseas is a tough one.... Paris, Prague, and Amman (Jordan) are closely tied and the top choice changes with my mood.

9 - I get bored easily. Something I inherited from my father.  Something my amazing husband tolerates with a calm, easy shrug of the shoulders.

10 - The military life fits me perfectly, I hate staying in one place long.  Being able to move all the time is a breath of fresh air and welcomed with open arms - even when I am not so thrilled with the location we are headed to.  I will always follow that man, even when I tell him I would never go somewhere.

11 - I really enjoy cooking.  Baking more so, but cooking a yummy meal is relaxing as well.  

12 - I hate seafood, and refuse to go in the ocean.  I prefer not to go near toilet water and things that live in toilet water.  My million dollar question since high school:  Can you imagine how big whale shit is?! - I hear its liquid but still! 

13 - I am a Twilight and True Blood fanatic.  Course I was a Buffy and Angel fan before vampires were cool  :)  And yes, I would become one if I could and of course if they were real.

14 - I am quiet, shy, and slow to let new people into my life.

15 - My best friend of 25 years is cousins with my best friend of 13 years, unknown to us at first. 


My Life... said...

I love it!! Its going to be REALLY REALLY fun...and I started it on February 1st posts go with the dates (so I don't forget!)
We miss you in California!!

Here's to US WIVES {clink! clink!} cheers!!!

laura evans/photography said...

am so excited to see how this project goes for you ... i firmly believe in pushing your boundaries photographically & it's wonderful getting to know more about you! good luck chica, can't wait to see what you come up with.

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