The World As I See It Day 5

I am SO behind!  Wow, these past few days got away from me - guess that is a good thing.

The World As I See It Day 5

I had a lot of trouble with this one..... 

A Picture Of Your Favorite Memory

I so have no clue what my favorite memory is... I have so many favorite memories. 

One of my fondest memories is the time I spent with my dad while he worked.  When I was 7 or 8, my father managed a place called The Palace Amusement Park.  It was an iconic structure here on the Jersey Shore for decades, sadly it was sold and demolished - even though many people attempted to save it. My dad was there for the dismantling and selling off of all the rides and equipment.  It was a big job getting that ferris wheel out of there!

Here is an image I found online of after it was closed

here is the history of the place:


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