Odd Interpretations

I was going through my photo editing software wanting to clear out all my photos to start fresh again.  I was removing those I didn't want to attempt editing on and editing the rest before I removed them.  It was fun to just play around and try a little bit of everything or anything to see what it would come out like for each photo.

The above gorilla photo is my interpretation of Pop Art, inspired by Andy Warhol.  It may not be for everyone, but there is something about how I edited this that I just love.  I'm typically not a big Pop Art fan, I tend to lean toward more subdue colors, but this just stands out to me.  What do you think, a good edit or not so much?

The above photo is fairly freaky looking, perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday.  This photo is actually of some wild mushrooms that I took back in Washington DC with my then brand new macro lens.  I had not really looked through those photos until I started clearing out the software. Its an odd edit effect, but I like it.  What do you think?

The orchid and purple flower are not really odd, but I think the editing is more on the bold side.

This above shot is of the Potomac River in Washington DC.  I added this special effect to make it pop and stand out.

These roses are actually white but with an addition of special editing, I was able to change the color.


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