Sea World Part 2

Another favorite part of Sea World is the Sea Lion exhibit.  You can buy a paper plate of fish to feed them. I let my husband do that part for me.  I don't like touching fish at all, I don't even like smelling or eating fish.  Just looking at the live ones!  Its so fun watching them scour for the food.  To watch the different personalities.  Some don't care at all and just hang out doing their own thing.  Some are in your face screaming for it, others hang back and give a little sign of "hey you, over here", and some do the cutest little tricks and beg with all their might.  Then there are the birds trying to steal the fish at the same time.

The above guy was just way too adorable.  He was the sitting back with a slight nod of 'hey you". He would just stick his little flipper up out of the water and wave.  Of course we had to share the fish with this cutie!

These two were so snuggled up looking just so elegant and beautiful that I had to snap a lot of shots of them and try some different editing techniques.

Can't forget the amazing Sea Turtles!


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