A Day of Crock Pots

On Friday, I had both (yes, thats right TWO) crock pots going.  I had the meat/dinner in one, and a dessert in the other.  I went with my own recipe for the meat (though it was inspired by a recipe from a book), and a recipe for the dessert from my cookbook.

The meat was pork chops.  I added golden delicious apples and 1 pear, along with apple juice and a slew of spices.  I put a layer of spices down first, added the pork chops, added more of the spices, then the apple juice and topped with the apples and pear.  The below photo is all the spices that I used.


I topped the apples and pear with additional ginger and a bunch of brown sugar.

For the dessert, I made something called Cherry Delight.  It was so simple!  Just place a can of cherry pie filling in the crock pot.  Melt a stick of butter and mix with a box of yellow cake mix.  Layer evenly on top of cherry pie filling.  Add crushed walnuts and cook low for 3-4 hours.

It may not look like much or good.  But it sure was.  The pork just fell apart and was super tender.  The dessert was the perfect combination.  And coming from a girl that does not like pies at all or fruit in her cakes, that says a lot.


TheEye said...

ooh... I'll have to try that dessert... that looks yummy and easy!

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