A little more progress....

Well, we have been in this house long enough now that we should be all settled and everything in its place.  Sadly, that is just not our reality.  I have been a total slacker..... again.

However, over the weekend we picked up a few needed items to get more settled and worked to get that accomplished.  Piece by piece we will get there.  I am no longer in a rush and am enjoying the slow progress.  It makes it so much more fun for some reason.

One area we conquered was my craft storage closet.  Since we lost a bedroom when we moved into this place from where we were, I had to get create with my office/craft area.  Luckily we had a large enough area for my desk.  And a big walk in closet under the stairs for all my stuff to be stored.

This would be the before.  I had most of my stuff still in boxes in the dining room with no where to put them.

Then we turned it into this:

It's not perfect but it will get the job done and I can actually access everything fairly easy enough.

And there is still room to store our new Band Hero equipment :)

And here is an update photo of my desk.  Still a work in progress and not too much has changed since my first posting.  I added my file cabinet and printer.  The printer I do plan on moving to on top of the file cabinet if it will fit.  And some more decor items are needed.


nikid said...

It is a work in progress, but it is coming along nicely! YAY for band hero!

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