San Diego Zoo Part 4

It has been a long time since I have posted any photos from the San Diego Zoo.  I have had a lot of images sitting in my editing software program that I just have not gotten to looking at, well actually there are still I lot still in there.

Here are a few I recently pulled out, some of these I have shown before possibly.  But this time there are some new changes to the edits I performed.

The giraffe's were the first set that I looked at.

That baby was the cutest animal I think I have ever seen in person.  So majestic and magical.

I worked on the gorilla's afterwards.  And boy, did the edits I do this time really make them come alive and show such strong emotion.  There is no other animal that can radiate such strong emotions like the gorilla.  It is almost heart breaking seeing the emotions coming from these massive animals.


nikid said...

Your gorilla photos are amazing! They are such fantastic animals!

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