Sea World Part 4

This past week, we ventured out to Sea World for the last time before heading to NJ.  I will be anxious to go again when we come back to Cali late next year.  I had not planned on taking any photos, I had even debated not bringing the camera at all!  But I am SO glad I did bring it, because a few amazing moments came available.

One of the first stops was the Beluga Whale, Polar Bear, and Walrus exhibit.  I didn't take any of the Beluga Whale and wish I had - there were some possible good shots.  It was just really busy.

Then we moved onto the Polar Bears.  And my goodness!  One of the bears was sound asleep right along the glass in this one corner. Once I made my way through the crowd, I was able to get these majestic images.  I think they are my favorites to date of any polar bear shots I have taken.

I think I could have stood there all day and shot away at this amazing animal.  I really wish it had been a quiet day there so I could have enjoyed the moment even more.

It is really hard to describe the adventure we had at the Walrus exhibit.  Each time I have gone there, there has only been 1 Walrus and he just kind of swims around being rather boring. This day had 2 of them in there, one being a lot smaller then this big guy and he was the boring one. The usual Walrus was full of fun and was totally playing for the crowd. He was hanging out in front of this one window swimming up and down, with each rise to the surface he would give a look to everyone and then start splashing at the window like crazy! It was really funny to watch. 

It was super crowded at that window as you could imagine. So, I had to go on the upper level and attempt to shoot around and over all the heads. It was rather difficult.  It resulted in images like this one. Most of the images I got are not as good as this one.


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Hi to you from SD! I love Sea World, especially the manatees♥

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