Tribute To My Dogs

I have been slowly going through my old images in my editing software in an attempt to clear it out and force/motivate me to get behind the lens again for some new images.

I have a bunch of my dogs that I took back in 2009, possibly even late 2008.  I love some of these images and thought I would share.

Here is our big guy Cody:

Cody and Tyler are 6 years old now, and are litter mates. We got them in 2004, at around 13 weeks.  They have even travelled part of the world.  We got them when we lived overseas in Africa, so they were flown from South Dakota to West Africa and back to the East Coast.  We have travelled across country to California to Washington DC and back to California with them.  It was not until 2008, when we lived in DC that they actually got to see snow for the first time.  And boy did they love it! 

Tyler is in the photo above facing the camera.


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