Building a Studio

I am currently working on building a portable studio.  Something I thought I would never do, but in order to capture the type of images I want, I need one.  And surprisingly enough I am enjoying it.

I find the hunt for backdrops exciting, my new shopping addiction since I loathe clothes shopping.  I had always thought backdrops were those super cheesy, obviously fake ones in school pictures.  But they are so not just that.  They are abstract, fun, and intriguing. If you find the right vendors that is.

My first purchase was the backdrop stand.  The next was the lights.  I got a nice set that I am experimenting  with to learn the ins and outs. Its actually a lot of fun, and I am learning right on the spot.  And I have 5 backdrops on the way! 3 of which are my birthday present :)

Here are some photos from my first real experimentation

I really can't wait for the backdrops to arrive!  I have a shoot scheduled in March that I know they will be perfect for.

The dogs were getting upset they weren't included, once I let them in, they posed perfectly for me.  This is something the one never does!


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