Budding Photographer

My daughter is a piece of work, and a very special person. She defied odds before she even entered the world, endured some hard times before arriving as well and again once she did arrive, and showed her stubbornness from the get go.

From the moment we brought her home, she started showing her physical advancements. Something that never ends to this day. At just days old, she was lifting her head and turning it when placed belly to chest with one of us. By just a few weeks old, she would wiggle around while lifting her head in that same position.

By 13 months, she was holding a writing/drawing utensil perfectly, like an adult would. She couldn't be bothered fisting it like a normal child. And she loves to write and draw still, in the same fashion. My three year old nephew is just learning to hold his crayons/pens the proper way. And she works very intently with a serious look of concentration, inherited from her father.

Now at 20 months, she has moved on to photography. Looks like all those days of constantly getting her photo taken - okay so I was a little obsessed of documenting each and every outfit she wore as a baby - she is ready to turn the camera on the rest of us. And teaching us the proper ways of taking a picture and using the camera. My little budding perfectionist photographer and artist.

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