Coming this August

In May 2008, the military moved us from Barstow, California to Washington DC.  The joy I felt from this move was beyond words.  I never want to live or be in a desert ever again.  I realized I am not much of a west coast girl as well during our 3 years in California.  Washington DC is my home - though I hail from Jersey.  

It has been a great year here in DC.  I have enjoyed everyday of it.  In 33 days, I will be saying goodbye to DC yet again.  Oh how I will miss this place.  I hope we can return soon.

In August, we will be making our 2nd cross country drive.  We are headed back to California.  This saddens me greatly.  At least this time we will be living in San Diego, in civilization.  I have Sea World to look forward to, along with Disney.  I have made friends with a fellow Marine wife, and another friend is just a short drive away.  

So look for the upcoming Cross Country Drive Blogs, telling of our adventures along the way.  And all new subject matters in my photography!


laura evans/photography said...

keep me updated on cali ... my hubby is a cali boy, i love it out there. I know Barstow (it's on the road from Bakersfield to Las Vegas). Anyways he's from the desert, being a girl born & bred in the green english countryside i love it. I'm sure you'll love San Diego!!

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