To the Military

One constant in my life has always been my appreciation and awe towards those that defend, protect, and create our freedoms and laws of this wonderful nation.  My father was a cop for the first 8 years of my life.  My 8th grade teacher opened my eyes about history and the importance of it, especially during our class trip to Washington DC.  I ended up going to college right outside DC in Northern Virginia and even got a job with the government.  Till I met my husband and left my job so he could stay in the military.  It really is no surprise I married into the military. Now I am working on giving back to those that served this great nation through my photography.

I have created my first series set - Arlington National Cemetery.  Portion of proceeds from the sales of any prints in this series will be donated  to Wreaths Across America.  

They are the organization that ensures there are wreaths and flags placed at each headstone in the cemetery during holidays and have expanded to other cemeteries across the nation honoring fellow veterans.


laura evans/photography said...

mine blog's still a work in progress too, don't worry ... love the arlington series!

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