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Photography gives so much joy. To those that take the pictures to those that buy and hang them on their walls. Something that keeps on giving, with something new each time. I had lost this passion and feelings for many years. That passion of searching for those one of a kind shots or ones that provoke emotion and thought from on lookers. I just muddled through my wordly adventures, missing and yearning for that passion again. I regret those years, and vow not to loose them again. Having our daughter, wanting to capture her firsts and take these beautiful unique shots of her as she grows - and she is very much the brunt of most of my photo shoots. What can I say, she takes some beautiful shots. Being a stay at home mom, I now have the chance to make something out of this passion and I hope I can. Being a military wife about to move again gives loads of opportunity for new places to photograph.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

And I hope I can keep up on this blog better than my other ones :)

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