Off to Grandma's House We Were

Our first long stay on our way to California is here at my parents house in New Jersey.  We are staying for 2 weeks, which we have a week and a half still ahead of us.  Our daughter just loves being at Grandma's house.  Here is a little photo shoot from the first few days at Grandma's house.

The picture above just had me laughing.  She so wanted to open and drink that can of Coke.  I thought she made a great model for their marketing campaign.

Front yard portrait photo shoot.  I love the brick wall background.  

She is such a little ham sometimes!


laura evans/photography said...

the photos are gorgeous, i especially love the coke one. aparently she loves the camera & the camera loves her ... you must be having so much fun exploring your photography, can't wait to see what comes next! said...

That coke pic is wonderful....I love those candid shots. :)
Have fun at Grandmas...growing up there was no place more magical!

Tali Schiffer-Oren said...

Your daughter is so adorable and beautiful!!
Keep posting, and enjoy your stay with your parents!

nikid said...

She is a cutie!! I want to squeeze her cheeks! Enjoy Grandmas!!

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