Part 4 Road Trip

This Road Trip series is really turning into a long story.  I might have a hard time finding something to write about once we get to San Diego.  Let's hope not!

The best part of this trip is the time I have while sitting in the car to play with my camera.  I am learning so many things that will really help when I start my in depth photography classes. Most photographers don't like to take photos in monochrome/black & white but instead prefer to alter them post-production. I have always loved taking photos in black & white, which I have gotten out of but thought would be fun to try since I had the time.  

Part 4 of our road trip was from Detroit to Davenport, Iowa to Lincoln, Nebraska.  We had on and off rain during the first half of our trip, but then the sky just became outstandingly beautiful.  Crisp blue sky, pure white puffy clouds with stormy dark clouds forming a thin layer over them met at the horizon by beautiful cornfields.  The blues and greens were just so bright and perfect.  I really enjoyed that leg of the trip.

One of the sites on my wish list for this trip was to see one of the Great Lakes.  Once we got to Gary, Indiana, we stopped at a park/beach along Lake Michigan.  Course after taking a walk with the dogs and the little one along this one path, I was way too hot and icky to get photos of the lake.  No biggie really.  At least I know I saw it

I am always on the hunt for a reason to use my macro lens.  Its forced me to see the world completely different, and I love that.  Where I would normally bypass an ant on the ground or complain about having ants inside my dwelling, I know run for the macro lens to see what kind of detail I can get.  I was just amazed at how much I could see of that tiny ant with that lens.  Course, I also imagined what a better macro lens would show and it made me so excited I was bouncing on my toes.

We were getting a kick out of some of the names of local businesses, well they could be chains I have never heard of.  After seeing Lake Michigan, we stopped for gas and snacks.  And right there were 3 stores that we were shaking our head for two days over.  The first was Quaker Steak & Lube.  I'm not sure if the look was really how they did things or not, but it looked like a car service station with a diner attached.  Guess you could eat steak or the "best wings usa" as the sign claims while you wait for your car to finish.  Very odd!  Right in that same plaza was Egg on Your Face and Deli in your Belly.  Very odd names for places to eat.


Beth said...

I am so enjoying travelling across the country with you! Great pics and I love the commentary too.

nikid said...

Nice photos! Hope you are enjoying your travels! Quaker Steak and Lube is JUST food - it is a chain and they do have decent wings!!!

laura evans/photography said...

loving your road trip, it's making me want to take one. so much variety & fun in it. can't wait for the next installment!

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