A Glimpse of Cody & Tyler

Last night after watering the rose bushes out front, I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures.  I figured it was a great opportunity to try out my new lens and flash at night.  It was pitch black out with just the outside house lights on.  After getting a few frames done, I gave up and came inside to where my husband was packing for his training.  He leaves in the morning for the rest of the month.

Well, our dogs know what packing means.  And they were not happy at all last night.  I decided to lay on the floor and snap away at their very sad faces.  My new lens is a 50mm, which blurs the background - or what parts are not in focus - hence the heavy blurring of most of their faces.  But I like the look it created.

All the above photos, and the one below are of Cody.  Our big boy and our lover boy.  Everything in the world scares him, he loves to cuddle, and is super emotional.  Right now, he is somewhat sick.  Something has been bothering his skin since we moved into this new house, and he has given himself horrid hot spots - licking till there is no fur and an infected wound.  He has been having to wear a cone most of the time for weeks now and is on his second round of medications.  Hopefully we can get this resolved after these new ones heal up good.

Now Tyler.  The baby.  Well, he acts that way anyhow.  He is the smaller one that thinks he is huge.  If I tell him to protect mommy he goes on the hunt for bugs.  Its so cute! He barks at almost everything. And shoves his way into getting attention.  Attention hog is putting it nicely.

Tyler is our bottomless pit.  We have to watch how many special treats he gets since he will eat until he throws it back up.  Which also limits what he is allowed to have. He is my silly boy.

And one last one of Cody:


Tali Schiffer said...

So very very cute! (and I love the name's of your dogs!)

patk860 said...

poor cody! great photos that just capture the expressions & emotions....

MonsterBug Blankets said...

awww, sad puppies! Ours did the same thing! LOVE the gorilla shot in the post above!!!!!

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