Sea World Part 3

Hey all, sorry for the delay in getting this up.  Its been a little off balance here lately.  Today is my catch up day on everything.  I got to do some editing last night and have some new photos to share with you all.  And it looks like I will need to do at least a part 4 if not a 5 with how many I edited last night!!  So, look for those coming soon.

Baby Gorillas are just way too cute!!!

Flamingos are a magical looking creature.  I'm not sure what it is about them - what do you think it is?

The above photo is not specially edited to have some in gray colors, that is the actual color of some of the flamingos.  I think they have not achieved their pinkness yet due to age.  I could be wrong though...

Getting photos of the killer whales is actually really hard!!  Its something I will have to go back many times to practice.  The above was taken during the Shamu show.  A lot of my photos have the trainers in them (as you can see in the below photo), which in some cases turned out already, but their absence would have been much better.  You have to be super quick with a very fast shutter speed to get the good photos.

Looks like there will be many more San Diego Zoo and Sea World photos in the coming weeks.  My current photography class has a final assignment and mine will be a sequence of photos of the animals in black and white.  I'm really excited about this assignment.  Sadly, I can not sell any of the Zoo photos due to their copyright laws - yes, even on photos I have taken - and their licensing agreements are way out of reasonability for me at this moment, but I can share them with you here.

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Love the Baby Gorilla....too cute...

SKnights Art Photography said...

These are great photos! Love the flock o' flamingoes :)

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