Colorado As Promised

I'm not sure if I am even remotely doing Colorado justice with these photos, but here is my take on the amazing beauty of Colorado.  I really think I'm not even closely doing justice with these, it was so much more breathtaking in person.  The above picture is so freaky! I was just checking out some different editing effects, once I saw the photo like this I had to keep it!  

The beauty of the mountains gave us such a wonderfully peaceful drive for that part of the trip. We stopped  a few times so I could take pictures.  It was hard trying to pick ones to showcase.  I still have a lot to go through and play around with.

I have never been a mountain type person, especially not a camping outdoorsy person, but after driving through this state I am almost tempted to give it a go.  Almost! There would be certain amenities that would be required before I even remotely thought about it let alone agreed to it!

We finally were able to do something fun with our daughter while in Denver.  We went to the aquarium in downtown Denver.  It was a nice aquarium, and she had a lot of fun there. I was just playing around with taking photos and trying some new things.  Learned quickly that putting your hand over the flash to reduce the glare does not work.  However, it does produce an eerie and pretty neat photo!! 

First attempt at jellyfish and eels.  I think the eel photo kind of came out neat.  Only got the backside of the turtle, I still like it though.


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