First Up Close View of Ocean

This is a spinoff post from my last one - First Sunset at New Home.  Though that was our real first sunset, since the sky on this day was so cloudy, we didn't get much of a sunset - these photos are from our first venture down to Oceanside beach.

The below picture was actually taken at sunset, but I just loved how it came out in the editing process with one of my new special effect plug ins.  No matter the color or look there is always something soothing about ocean waves breaking.

We have taken our daughter to the beach before, back in New Jersey.  Except it was just to walk along the boardwalk.  It was usually at dinner time and way too chilly for the water.  Plus, I am not a fan of sitting on the beach in the baking sun getting sand in all sorts of places I would never want sand to be, and I'm not one to go in the ocean - which is a whole different story that I only partially mentioned in my last blog.

The day we arrived in Oceanside, I practically ran her down to the ocean.  I just had to see what she thought.  This location had a little pier to walk on and that was our first destination.  It was her first up close view of the ocean and waves.  And it was truly amazing watching that wondering look on her face.  She was in total awe.  And LOVED the sound and look of the crashing waves.  It was such a fun moment.


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