San Diego Zoo Part 3

Here are the final photos from our day at the San Diego Zoo.  I'm really looking forward and itching for our trip to Sea World this upcoming Saturday.  I will have to make sure my battery is fully charged -- something I had forgotten to do before we went to the Zoo - luckily though it didn't die on me while we were there.  I'm even considering bringing another memory card, usually I never need a backup.

The above Koala picture is another copy of one I posted in Part 2, minus fancy editing.

Don't worry that Lion is only sleeping!  She was just beautiful!  It was so overly crowded that I missed getting photos of the male Lion that was sleeping next to her.  And he gave some really good photos too.  Hopefully next time.

Here is that funny little monkey again.  He was a quick little guy.  Very hard to get still photos of him, especially getting the camera to focus on him and not the cage bars in time.  It was a fun challenge.

One of my daughter's favorite animals is the Orangutan.  There was a younger one as well that was showing off to the onlookers.  He was rolling along the ground right at the window while eating a piece of lettuce.  He rolled the whole length of the window and then disappeared.  I wish I had been able to get photos of him, but I was swapping out lenses at the time.  Luckily this guy came out for some photos.


patk860 said...

you captured some really great moments...what a delight! i also favor the orangutan....just amazing creatures! thanks for the smile....

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