San Diego Zoo Part 2

Can you believe I will need to do a Part 3?  I still have so many to share.

I just LOVE how my zebra photos came out, and really enjoyed the editing process just as much.  What I enjoy most of these photos is that they almost appear as one zebra looking into a mirror.  But it was two snuggling with each other.

I did a few different editing techniques with the koala photos.  One of these I listed in yesterday's blog that is the same koala in the same position and then another koala curled up on a different bamboo tree.

The meerkats were adorable.  They were twisting those little heads all over the place to look up at all the people admiring them and making noises at them.  It was so cute, this little grouping were too cute to resist.

My daughter loves any animal in the ape family.  Maybe its something rooted inside of her since before she was born.  From the first ultrasound getting our first peek at her, we called her a little monkey.  I had so much fun playing chase with this little guy.  He kept running all over his structure that I had to keep moving to get photos of him.  And I had to fight getting the picture to focus on him verse the cage in between us.


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