My Daughter in Colorado

Like promised, here is a blog all about Colorado.  Though not the one I was really referring to.  I had so many amazing photos of my daughter while in Colorado, that I just had to do a single blog about them.  

We stopped at this overlook on the side of the highway, and boy was it beautiful.  It overlooked a small town that surrounded a little lake - though I think its called a basin.  It was a great place for a little photo shoot.  

After seeing all this beautiful scenery, I really hope we can one day do a real vacation there.  Maybe several, one at each of the seasons to really capture and see its true beauty.

Since we arrived in Grand Junction in the late afternoon, we didn't have the chance to really go sightseeing.  Good thing the hotel had a great outdoor pool.  And she really loves pools!

There was this other little boy there that she was totally flirting with.  Flirting at not even 2 years old!  We are so in for it come the teenage years!


Tali Schiffer said...

You're daughter is soooooo adorable!! And flirtatious... lol
Great photos!!

nikid said...

She is too cute! Love the pictures!

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

I have to repeat what has been said above-She is sooo cute! I love that age. You are a lucky mom!

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