First Sunset at Our New Home

We arrived here in Oceanside, California at the end of August.  It marked the final piece of our road trip across country.  We had to stay in a hotel for the weekend to wait for our rental house to be ready for us.  We spent evenings taking strolls along the waterfront and admiring the West Coast sunsets.

Our daughter just loved walking around, seeing all the new things, and the sound of the ocean.  She is such a water rat.  I need to get her into swimming lessons next year.  She would spend hours in the water if we let her.  Least she doesn't seem to be afraid of the ocean, unlike me at her age.  Well, my fear started before that - I was just a few months old and already didn't like it.  My mother had to bring a blow up pool to the beach just for me, because I would scream bloody murder if she took me remotely close to the water.  Not sure how many seasons she had to do that, but it always stuck with her.  Looks like it stuck with me as well since to the day I prefer a swimming pool over the ocean.  

I downloaded some new plug ins for my photo editing software and used it on most of these photos.  Not sure I am fully liking them but I'll keep playing on some other type of photos.

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SKnights Art Photography said...

These are beautiful photos! What a way to start your morning!

nikid said...

Very pretty!


Pam Lefcourt said...

Very lovely!

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